Too many login shells cause the halt…

Fri, 04 Apr 2017 14:14:04 +0100

I think it's about time you shut the fuck up you 
complete and utter fucking moron. I bet you pipe 
cat to grep. I bet you parse ls. I bet you couldn't 
exit an interactive ed session if your fucking life 
depended on it. 

I bet you are one of these asshole motherfuckers
who think the world runs "linux" and you use seq
in your shell scripts. 

What a fucking joke.

I run AIX. I run VMS. My personal workstation runs 
HP-UX. I've been running exotic flavours of UNIX 
that you don't know exist since before you were even 
born. I'm the definition of elite. I'm 539. I'm 
considered a fucking god on usenet.

I bet you don't even know what usenet is. Christ,
this current generation of fucktards who are unable
to open a manual page absolutely fucking sicken me.
Not to mention those who CANNOT. USE. A. FUCKING. 

So take your "agile", "docker-based" keyboard and 
shove it up your fucking ass because you're in no 
position to be giving out "advice" on such topics. 

It's time to make way for The Real Shell Ninja™
when you're just a zombie needing to be reaped.